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Olivier Prisi (FRZ) is a Swiss composer, guitarist, and Hip Hop producer working on beats w/ several musicians and partners. He started to play classical guitar very young, falling in love with the instrument and musical genre, which eventually led to other shades of musical genres. In 2005 FRZ became interested in the art of beat making, production and mastering. Since then, he and his crew have composed beats with the assistance of real instruments, namely various types of guitars and keyboards, in addition to the use of samples. In 2015 he created the band SOULFLIP Orchestra


Olivier Prisi’s musical inspiration originates from many different sources. His music can often derive from the pure sounds of 60’s and 70’s soul music, while also utilizing orchestra samples (in particular brass & strings.) As a producer, he aims to mix these musical styles for a fresh, state of the art sound unique to his own artistic appetite. This stylistic duality is evident in the composers numerous projects, and it is certainly within this style that the Swiss artist is known for his distinct and refreshing sound.


His first album, titled Cronaca Nera, came out in 2010 in Switzerland. Then he partnered with American rappers Bugsy Da God (Wu-Tang family), Hell Rell (The Diplomats), M-Dot (EMS), Rasco (Cali Agents), Krumsnatcha (Gangstarr Foundation), etc. He also started composing for Hip Hop labels such as Napalm Recordings from Dom Pachino (Wu-Tang Killarmy), EMS productions from Boston and Swiss label Rootscore.


In addition, FRZ composes scores for professionals within the visual domain. He has contributed music to films, advertisements, and television programs. He notably produced the music for the series of episodes of “Le Frigo” broadcasted on RougeTV ( for the Freeride World Tour 2011.

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